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Submitted on
November 26, 2005
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Camera Data

Canon PowerShot S45
Shutter Speed
1/1002 second
Focal Length
7 mm
Date Taken
Apr 20, 2005, 9:27:18 AM
Crucified by Sukitrebek Crucified by Sukitrebek
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wow, nice angle/shot.
thanks for the comment/words
This needed to be favourited just for that fact that you didn't photograph the front of the subject, which actually makes it seem that much more dynamic, and more for that fact that it just seems like a taboo.
The angle is wonderful, I love the fact that you played with that z-axis, it adds a lot of dimension to the photograph.
Specular light, and harsh shadows, it adds a lot of tonal values, and contrast to the photo. The sky actually looks like a wall with a gradient painted onto it, which plays with dimension even more by adding a snow globe like quality to the image.
The tree branches are a wonderful abstraction that remind me of a crown of thorns... or fingers.
I like that the cross looks tilted, but it doesn't feel properly compossed. This is being nit-picky, but dollying the camera a little bit to the right, just so that the extremes of the plank that are perpendicular to the ground have equal room, and thus importance in the image would have been a nice touch.
awesome, thanks for the comment.

i didnt notice the slight imperfection in the composition until you mentioned it. since i dont actually remember where it was that i took this photo, i will just crop a little off the left side to even it out.

thanks again.
no problem.
i love how creepy it is. crucifixes always creep me out. the split up the center of the wood is a great running focal point. the tree branches are so sharp and really add to the scene. nicely shot.
I never thought of it as creepy, but now that you mention it... it kind of is.

The split down the centre is actually an electrical wire. That was one of the first things that attracted me to taking a picture of the back of the cross. i thought it was funny to have jesus hooked up to the power grid...

Thanks for your nice comment.
heh that is really funny. i like electric jesuses...
I wish I had something negative to say about this... I really like the angle you chose here to not go with the traditional picture of his body, but the behind view. I think what really makes this picture are two aspects.

1.) The leafless trees, gives it more of a dead feeling to it.
2.) The B&W aspect of it. Color would not have done this picture justice, unless it was colored leaves and a B&W crucifix.

Like I stated earlier, I really wish I had something negative to say about this, seeing as how you are looking for something to help you advance in your skills. Sorry I can't help.
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